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Since November 2009

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The Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists (SIET) being the Professional Body for Engineering Technologists is a multi-disciplined learned establishment registered in Singapore since 1980 under the Societies Act [Singapore Government Gazette Notification No: 3310].


SIET being the Professional Body of engineering technologists and technicians in Singapore, we strive to advance and promote the quality of engineering technology and knowledge of all engineering technologists and technicians for the interest of all.

The principal objectives of SIET are as follows:
  • To promote the advancement of engineering and its applications, as the Institute is concerned with the establishment and continuing improvement of standards of qualifications, competence and conduct for engineering technologists and technicians.
  • To conduct examinations of proficiency in the practice of the profession
  • To grant and issue membership certificates to qualified or approved individual
  • To promote and develop knowledge for excellence in the profession
  • The accreditation of qualification of other institutions and universities for membership
  • Global networking

SIET is part of the 'global society' via its affiliation to one of the important association:
  1. A Founding Member of the World Federation of Technology Organizations (WFTO) in 1997. [ Website ]
  2. Membership is 'individual' and is opened to all races and nationalities provided that they satisfy the 'Maturity, Experience & Qualifications' criteria.