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Since November 2009

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Benefits for Certified Engineering Technologists

SIET'S certification programs enjoy a worldwide reputation for Engineering Technologists. The following benefits for Certified Engineering Technologists


An SIET certification will let employers know that the certification earner has mastered a significant body of knowledge in a specific field he / she is engaged in the industry and has met specified eligibility requirements. This knowledge will serve as the springboard for a certification earner's continued professional development in his field in industry.

Certified Professionals

As SIET certified Professional you will broaden knowledge base. You be able to stand out from the crowd and may improve your options for being hired, promoted, and/or tapped for working on certain types of projects.


More knowledgeable Engineering Technologists who can serve for the betterment of society as a whole, for current generations and for new generations. SIET encourages its members who pass through its certification program to use the knowledge gained to improve the world around us.

Other Benefits

Use of the Professional designate title after member's name which reflects a member's
Use of SIET Professional title after member's name which reflects a member's qualifications, experience and maturity:-

  • FSIET for Fellow Grade member of SIET
  • MSIET for Member Grade member of SIET
  • AMSIET for Associate Member Grade of SIET
  • Assoc.SIET for Associate Grade of SIET

Use of SIET Certified Scheme title after Certified member's name which reflects a member's professional status and recognition globally.

  • Certificate of Registration as a Certified Technical Specialist, "CertTS"
  • Certificate of Registration as a Certified Engineering Technologist, "CertET"
  • Certificate of Registration as a Certified Engineering Associate, "CertEA".

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  • Global networking.
  • A platform for the engineers, engineering technologists and technicians to build rapport, and to share experience and professional views.
Planning on providing "Job listing" for its members who may need helps on the available Engineering vacancy in the marketplace upon request SIET Professional Examinations and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program exclusively designed for members. Upgrading through quality degree program offered by reputed Universities in Singapore,