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Since November 2009

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Accreditation & Certification > Certification
The purpose of certification is to promote Engineering Technologists through the certification of qualified technologists by:
  1. Recognizing formally those individuals who meet the requirements and pass the Certification Examination.
  2. Encouraging continued personal and professional growth in the practice as Engineering Technologists.
  3. Providing a national standard of requisite knowledge required for certification; thereby assisting employers, the public and members of the engineering professions in the assessment of engineering technologists.

Calling all suitably qualified members of SIET to apply for registration as:
  • Certified Engineering Associate (CertEA) for AMSIET.
  • Certified Engineering Technologist (CertET) for MSIET.
  • Certified Technical Specialist (CertTS) for FSIET.

In order to maintain the high standard of membership and registration, we need all prospective members to complete an application form and write a professional review report detailing what they have been doing in their role in engineering. All applicants are assessed by a Committee of members and via an interview and a written test on ‘Engineering Ethics’ for registration as CertET and CertTS.

All members registered under SIET Certification Scheme are required to attend at least 10 CPD units or its equivalent annually to renew its registration on an annual basis. [1 CPD = 3 hours]


SIET - Special Certification Exams on CCE and CEM
  • Certified Cost Engineer(CCE)
  • Certified Engineering Manager(CEM)
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World Certification Institute
For SIET members who are interested to become 'World Certified' via the World Certification Institute, click here