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Since November 2009

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Call for Papers
  • Engineering Technologists Yearbook
  • A Professional Journal for Engineering Technologists Practitioners
  • Official Journal of the Singapore Institute of Engineering Technologists

Preferred scopes to be covered include (but not limited to):
  • New technology in Civil Engineering, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Communications, etc
  • Advanced applications of Engineering project using Six sigma, information / knowledge Management
  • Innovativeness on new product development and commercialization strategy/ case studies
  • Management and business trends analysis for all types of industry public,Manufacturing & service
  • Human resources issues and organization development/learning with problems faced & Solutions
  • Quality system and management focusing on small and medium enterprises in Asia Pacific Impact of new technology and globalization on Technologists' continual professional development
  • Best practices, performance/value management, quality cost, awards for creativity and innovation

Guidelines for submission of papers

Abstract of about 100 words together with the manuscript in a Microsoft Word file to submit to SIET Publications Chairman, via email

On the subject line indicate:

Submission for Review
"Title of the paper - Author Name"

  • Guidelines for author in preparation of Manuscript: Language : English
  • File Format : Electronic file can be submitted by in either form of Microsoft word.doc.
  • File Name : The file name of the document file should be the first "title". followed by the
  • Author's last name. For example, ApplyingSPCinMoldingProcessJoeNg.doc
  • Text or word count : Total number of words at the end of the manuscript. i.e. 1,500-5,000 words.
  • The length and content of manuscript will be subjected to appropriate editing at editor's sole discretion for publishing.

Cover page information : The cover page should contain the title of paper, the author's name(s), address, Telephone, email, organization, position, institutional affiliation, and any acknowledgement. Include a note to declare that the articles are original and unpublished work of the author(s). Accepted articles will be published by SIET in hard copy as well as electronic form. All rights reserved by publisher.

References & Citations : Strictly follow the style used in SIET journal. i.e. Author, Year, Article/Book ' Title, Joumal/Publisher, Country, Page Numbers

Tables : Place all tables at the end of the text and references. Table headings should be:

Table 1: Single Sampling Plans for Normal Inspection Equations : Use Roman letters rather than Greek letters wherever possible. For example, y_a * bx

Notes : All notes should come at the end, before references. Avoid use of numbered Footnotes.

Images : Authors are encouraged to submit artwork, including figures, tables and photos to accompany the article for clarity of explanation. Image file should be in .jpg

Datelines for submission of papers

SIET usually publishes the Yearbook & directory of members on every December of the year. The datelines for submission of papers are normally set eight weeks prior to the months. However, the publishing of the accepted papers will vary with the voluminous of papers on queue. A honorarium will be usually sent to lead author's address appeared on the cover page via normal mail and please allow the Institute approximately 3-6 months for the crossed cheque to be processed after publishing.

PAPERS ( Members only)
Contemporary Product Development Tool: QFD

Dr.Boon L. Tan and EG Tan

Effective and Balanced Performance Measurement For SME Using Balanced Scorecard

Dr. Boon L. Tan and EG Tan

Information Technology Outsourcing

William FW Chew

Application of War Strategies in Project Risk Management

Mr. Lim Meng Tong, PPA, Prof Dip Bldg, BSc Bldg, MSc Const Engg, FSISV, FSIB, MSIM, MSI Arb

A critical review of public sector expatriation and repatriation practices in the Philippines

Mr Derek Watson, University of Sunderland, England

Exploratory Study on Developing Business In China: A Small & Medium-sized Enterprise’s Perspectives

EG Tan and Dr. Boon L. Tan

Governance processes improve the accountability and efficiency of business

William FW Chew

Suggestions For Improvement Of Overall Equipment Effectiveness In Plastics Injection Moulding

Mr. SF Pong, MBA (Hull) U.K., MSIET

JOURNALS (Members only)