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Since November 2009

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Fund-Raising Initiatives - Giving To SIET Professional Engineering Education is the basic element in the survival and prosperity of the state. And the promotion of continual education through professional development should be the responsibility of every citizen. It is Man’s best inheritance. Help fuel the imagination, openness and courage that has made us to become a global Professional Institute in Engineering Technologists arena. Be a part of the excellence and ambitious initiative. Give generously to SIET.

Corporate Gifts

Corporations given to philanthropy can hardly find a better cause than SIET: - Giving to SIET is an exemplary way of fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility - Supporting the professional Institute's directions that reflect your business priorities - Benefiting the improved education flow back to you in the form of highly skilled talent - Naming opportunities that will prominently advance the image/brand of your Corporation

To discuss making your corporate gift, please contact SIET via email or correspondence address.

Foundation Gifts

Historically, foundations in Singapore such as Lee Foundation have been among the most generous supporters of the SIET objectives and vision. We hope to build on this tradition by encouraging philanthropic support from regional and global foundations as well.


SIET aims to give a bursary to every qualified and talented Engineering/Technology student in financial difficulty. Your support can help ease the burden of students who struggle to make ends meet while they work toward a highly respected by industry on the Engineering Education at ITE/Poly levels.

Any amount you can give will help. A full bursary is worth $300~$500 for ITE~Poly respectively.

When you give over $5,000, we may also honour your gift by asking you to found your bursary in the name of your choice: your own, or that of a mentor or loved one.

Student Leadership Programmes

To produce engaged, fully rounded Engineering/Technology students and graduates. SIET has planned collaboration programmes with the like-minded organizations that go far beyond the classroom. For example, Essay competitions, Seminars, International Conferences for exchanging the latest Engineering Technology trends with the world-class academics and industry practitioners and more. To develop the personal and leadership potential of our premier students, we also planned to offer multidisciplinary enrichment through our overseas affiliated colleges.

When you support a student programme, you give our best and brightest priceless hands-on experience that will shape their life for years to come

Major Gifts

With a singular gesture, a major gift of $10,000 or more can fulfill many of the institute's needs; gifts of several tens of thousands can place your stamp on our future by transforming our very directions and possibilities. Whether you make your gift outright or plan it in the form of a bequest, you enjoy the advantages that come with your gift today. A wide range of naming opportunities may be opened to you in recognition of your generosity.

SIET Building Funds

To achieve this long-term SIET building funds for owning our buildings, we work hand in hand with private sponsors. We proudly honour our supporters by offering naming opportunities for both entire buildings and the facilities within them.

Naming Opportunities

To recognise the generosity of our sponsors, SIET offers naming opportunities. These can honour corporations, foundations, or individuals such as mentors or loved ones.

The table below shows the particular areas you can support with your gift, along with the minimum gift amounts that carry naming opportunities.

SIET Sponsorship Grades
Grade Sponsorship Purpose Min gift
Silver Events' Medal/Prize 1,000 No Name No
Gold Bursary 2,000 Yes 1/4 page No
Platinum Scholarship/Seminars 5,000 Yes 1/2 page Yes
Diamond International Conference
Yes Full page Yes